Angel/Demon Transformable doll


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Mold: Chimera
Size: 1/6 (29 cm)
Material: Polyamide


Two heads
Angelic and demonic — magnetic joint*.

Two pairs of hands
Regular and with black nails — magnetic joint.

Two sets of wings
Angelic and demonic — magnetic installation.

Two magnetic corks
They cover the holes on the back of the doll, if wing are not installed.

Tree pairs of feet
Ballet + shoes, high heels feet + shoes, flat feet + shoes.

Important: By default flat feet come already placed inside the boots, because taking them out and putting them in can be difficult. It only concerns flat feet (other shoes can be removed and put back on easily), so we recommend that you keep flat feet inside the shoes. Magnetic system we employ still allows for an effortless swapping of feet.

A dress, a leather jacket, underwear, stockings and a collar.


*In terms of functionality magnetic joints that we use are no different from any other joint, meaning that the range of motion is not compromised. At the same time magnetic joints let you easily and quickly replace body parts.


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